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When it comes to having a green wedding, no other firm in the country comes close. We are a green wedding design and idea house for the magazine Eco-Beautiful Weddings. Having joined forces with the likes of major wedding planning firms, blogs around the globe along with celebrity eco-friendly lifestyle experts and authors, we are able to provide the most innovative in forward-thinking eco-couture wedding style.
Our mission is to provide environmentally responsible weddings with couture style. Thus, the idea of Eco-Beautiful Weddings® was born!
What makes us green? Below is a short list. Ask us for more details, as the list grows every day!
We put all of our floral suppliers through a rigorous investigation to make sure they are providing sustainable farming and fair wage practices.  This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Using flowers from Veriflora certified farms
  • Using local and national farmers that are USDA Certified Organic
  • Using suppliers & vendors that are members of Green America
  • Farmers that are using innovative techniques to reduce waste & water usage
  • Farmers that either use herbicides or are pesticide-free


We use eco-friendly cleaning, office and floral supplies.
Our goal is to reduce waste, limit water usage, floral foam and chemical products for our floral designs.
We recycle and reuse items as often as possible.
Our facilities are carbon-offset and wind-powered through and local energy resources.
We support local and international organizations in their efforts for reforestation.
We compost all of our organic material waste that is produced by floral design prepping.
We store our contracts online at a remote site without printing out reams of paper.
Our website is green certified by CO2Stats

Our policies are always about reducing waste and to decrease the overall carbon footprint of all of the events we do. We provide several services under “one roof” making our clients drive less to fewer vendors and less vehicles descending at each wedding. Since we provide so many services, less time is needed online, in emails, in person and on the phone.  This, in turn, uses less energy overall!  In essence, our green mission is our philosophy and way of doing business.  Being socially and environmentally responsible through outreach to our local and global communities = a greener future for all clients of Elegance & Simplicity, Inc..

Using less gas, less energy, less water and less of your time = better for the environment and a less stressed you!  An Eco-Beautiful Wedding is our goal for you! Our wedding planning services can help you find the best possible vendors for your eco-friendly wedding or event. If you would like to learn how to make your wedding or event green, email or call to make an appointment today.